With a landscape that is unparalleled in the world, this island will absolutely take your breath away. A postcard-quality discovery will leave you wanting more, having you wishing to remain long and experience more.

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A popular beach destination in El Nido, Snake Island is officially known as Vigan Island. Its name was informally changed by the locals because of the island’s unique curve which resembles a snake.

During low tide, the unique, white sandbar is most visible and walkable on the three-kilometer-long sandbar that connects mainland Palawan to the small island.

What to do

The crystal clear turquoise waters of Snake Island are as good as those on any other island in El Nido, but only Snake Island will give you the sensation of walking in the middle of the ocean.

It is also a paradise filled with thick foliage and mangroves where monkeys are often seen and should be avoided. Snorkeling along the shoreline provides an opportunity to see small fish, sea turtles, corals, and starfishes.The property also features a shed perched on a hilltop that offers a spectacular birds-eye view of the snake-like sand trail and the nearby islands of El Nido and Bacuit Bay.

Tour B

The island hopping tour offered by El Nido is not complete without a visit to Snake Island which is either the lunch stopping point of Tour B or the point of departure. The Vigan Island sandspit is the top-drawer of Tour B, along with the caves that are included in the set. However, Tour B is somewhat underrated when compared with the other tour sets in El Nido because it’s the closest and most relaxed

How to get there

To get to Snake Island, you have to take a banca (boat) at the El Nido Docks. Getting to the docks from El Nido only takes 14 minutes by car. From El Nido, head northwest and continue to Calle Hama, turn left onto Rizal St., and turn right at the 1st cross street onto Calle Real and finally continue onto Serena St. to head to the Docks.

By Air

El Nido can be reached by taking a 6-hour van or bus from Puerto Princesa City.

Major airlines flies to Puerto Princesa City from Manila, Cebu, Davao and Iloilo.

By Sea

It is possible to get from Manila to El Nido by boat. You can book a ticket with 2Go Travel from Manila to Coron and then, in Coron, book another ticket going to El Nido with a local company. But it’s a long way and it will take you 24 hours at least, plus a night in Coron. So, basically, it’s a two days trip. We don’t advise you to choose this solution (except, maybe, if you’re really afraid to fly!).

You can book your tour with El Nido Paradise Tour B, which include Snake Island in the package. El Nido Paradise: Tour B

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What people say about Snake Island

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Stay safe

I hope everyone is safe after the earthquake in Vigan and surrounding areas. With a magnitude of 7.1 can really cause damage to structures. Stay safe everyone.

Highly recommend

I highly recommend a visit here as the water is beautiful and the sandbar is cool to walk across. The water level was high, so the sandbar was about 2 feet underwater, but that wasn't a big deal. There isn't much to see while snorkeling.

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