Aliwagwag Falls: A magnificent wonder every tourist falls in love with

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About Aliwagwag falls

Located in the southeast corner of the Philippines, Aliwagwag Falls is a stunning example of nature’s design. The Philippines, a tropical country, is home to many wonderful attractions ranging from breathtaking beaches to majestic waterfalls.

The 1,110-foot Aliwagwag Falls is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the province, especially for its staircase-like boulders. With 84 tiers and more than 130 cascades, these fall are the tallest in the Philippines.

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A brief history of Aliwagwag Falls Eco Park

In the traditional beliefs of some locals, Aliwagwag Falls is a gift of the gods to the Mandaya tribe of Cateel. It is their most precious resource and source of life.

Prior to its development, the area had no roads or trails. It was accessible only by boat past the Cateel River.

Cateel was severely affected by Typhoon Pablo in 2012, which also destroyed Aliwagwag Falls. The waterway and the forests around it were almost unrecognizable. However, thanks to the government and locals, Aliwagwag Falls has since been restored to its former glory. With lush vegetation on both sides, the waterfall now looks even more beautiful.

Thanks to social media, Aliwagwag Falls has seen a spike in tourists who also want to experience its natural beauty. The city of Davao Oriental charges a nominal entrance fee to maintain the park. Furthermore, it has been added to the 94 National Integrated Protected Areas that are under the protection of the government.

Aliwagwag Falls Eco Park’s activities

Don’t worry, the activity fees at Aliwagwag Falls Eco Park are budget-friendly!

Top 3 activities offered at the park.

Zipline at aliwagwag falls


There is a 680-meter long and 180-foot high zip line that spans the Cateel River, where thrill-seekers can experience some adrenaline rushes while viewing the waterfall from above.


Why visit a waterfall if you can’t enjoy its water? Swim to the cool and refreshing water of Aliwagwag to enjoy its best views. When you get hungry, no worries. You can either bring food in the area or simply buy from one of the shops. If you reach a cascade, take a picture of it too - it will be perfect for your Instagram feed!

Swimming at aliwagwag falls
Monkey bridge at aliwagwag falls

Mokey bridge

You can opt for the Monkey Bridge instead if you are afraid of heights but still desire excitement. You can cross the 45-meter-long Monkey Bridge while the falls roar by beneath you, made up of three ropes tied together by a string or more, which swings as you cross it.

How to get there

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A direct flight from Manila goes to Davao City. Aliwagwag is seven (7) hours away from Davao City. If you get there by bus, take the Mati City train. Then take a van going to the town proper of Cateel.

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