The suspension bridge and canopy walk are used to access this craggy limestone peak with panoramic views

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El Nido is surrounded by limestones cliffs. The town actually takes his name from the swiftlets nest (“nido” meaning “nest” in spanish) that the locals used to collect from them and export overseas, mainly to China. Nowadays, you can still climb the Taraw Cliff to get an amazing view on El Nido town and its surroundings.

Taraw Cliff is that giant limestone karst overlooking the beautiful town of El Nido in Palawan.

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El Nido Taraw Via Ferrata Canopy Walk

If you want to experience El Nido’s famous Taraw Cliff in a safer way, this is the attraction for you. The Canopy Walk experience is rock climbing lite, geared more towards inexperienced climbers who still want to catch a bird’s eye view of the town and the bay. That’s not to say that the Canopy Walk is not without its challenges. There are some steep and sharp rocks that need to be passed in order to get to the top. There is also a 75m-long bridge suspended 30m above ground that swings with the slightest movement, shaking the wits out of anyone remotely afraid of heights. Once you see the view though, going through all those challenges will be worth it. You also get a bit of a geography lesson along the way, thanks to the knowedegeable guides! The whole canopy walk costs P500 per person.

For reservation, please contact Ferrata via facebook page, or simply give them a call.


By Air

El Nido can be reached by taking a 6-hour van or bus from Puerto Princesa City. For more info, you can read my previous guide: Puerto Princesa City to El Nido Travel Guide

Major airlines flies to Puerto Princesa City from Manila, Cebu, Davao and Iloilo.

By Bus

How to get to San Jose Terminal. From the city proper (Rizal Ave.), take the multi-cab/jeep going to San Jose Public Market (about 20 minutes travel time). The multi-cab/jeepney will take you directly to San Jose Terminal. When you arrived at San Jose, ask where the buses going to El Nido can be found. If you are planning to take the 5:00am trip to El Nido, it would be better to rent a tricycle (fare is Php50-80).

Public utility bus
Travel Time: 6hours. This includes 2 stopovers, one in Roxas for breakfast and restroom break (about 15minutes) and the in Taytay to pick-up some passengers (10 mins.).
Fare: Php 350
Schedule: 5:00am; 7:00am; 9:00am
Note: The same schedule if you are traveling from El Nido back to Puerto Princesa City. This is the cheapest transportation available.
Roro Bus or Cherry Bus
Travel Time: 5 1/2 to 6 hours. Includes 2 stop-overs in Roxas and Taytay (15 mins each).
Fare: AC- Php 483; Non-AC- Php 330
Schedule: First trip- 4:00 am; last trip- 10:00pm

By Van

Renting a van is the most expensive mode of travel to El Nido. But also the most comfortable.

Public Van
Travel Time: 5.5-6 hours
Fare: Php 600-700
Schedule: 5:00am; 7:00am; 9:00am. Be there 30minutes before the scheduled departure. It would also be better to reserve a seat one day before trip.
Max Passenger per van: 12 passengers.
Note: The same schedule if you are traveling from El Nido back to Puerto Princesa City. I haven’t check this lately. I guess they added more trips.
Rented Van
Travel Time: 5 hours
Cost: Php 10,000 (one-way trip); Php 13,500 (round trip)
Max Passenger per van: 14 passengers.
Time of departure: Anytime
Online Booking: Website

Important reminders you need to remember

  • Wear shoes. You’ve seen the photos, I don’t think I need to explain further.
  • If you wish to bring a bag, use a backpack and keep it snug/tight on your back. As much as possible keep your hands free. You need both of your hands to climb the rocks.
  • The best time to climb is early morning. Otherwise, you will have to bear the piercing heat of the sun.
  • Take your time (the peak will not go anywhere).
  • The descent is more difficult than the ascent. So again, take your time.

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