This small island has sandy beaches, clear water to snorkel in, and shops where you can purchase snacks and drinks.

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Named after a Japanese diver who died in an underwater tunnel in this island, Shimizu has long been considered as one of the nice snorkeling sites in El Nido’s Tour A packages.

According to our boatman, there is an underwater tunnel in the side of the Island, i just don’t know if it’s still open for diving because there was a Japanese diver who died in there long time ago.

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How to get there

The only way to reach Shimizu Island is by boat on the El Nido Island Hopping Tours. Specifically, El Nido Tour A is the only boat tour offering boat rides to Shimizu Island. To get to Shimzu island, you must travel to El-nido by bus or aeroplane. See details below.

By Air

The quickest and most direct way to get to El Nido from Manila is to fly on Air Swift’s tiny 50 seater plane. You’ll land at Lio Airport, where it’s then just a 20-minute trike ride to El Nido town.

Van or Bus

The most common and cost effective way to travel between Puerto Princesa and El Nido is by tourist van or public bus. You can buy a tourist van ticket for around 700 pesos from any tour company. The journey will take approximately 6 hours. There are also two public bus companies (Cherry and Roro), who do the same journey for a little fewer pesos

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